Fear of Silence

The way I see everyday and the epic is confronting everyday life with the epic emotions that grow in a world where society becomes more modernised but social intelligence is decreasing. What really unsettles me is silence. Silence in our loneliness, silence in our communication, silence in the people all around us. A train full of strangers, filled with silence I believe can be slightly uncomfortable as is silence at the dinner table. The sudden surge of social networking and portable technology has given rise to multiple personalities forming within society and I aim to capture the effects of this ever growing problem.

Hairstyle Penny Black
Makeup artist Natalija Matković
Models Katja Cemic, Rhian Lewis, Mila Alex M
Stylist Pearline Annaliese Yeo
Designer Jovana Gospavic
Studio assistance Napat Gunkham
Backstage assistance Francesco Zinno.

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