Inside the Monument

This editorial is a chapter of the “Monumental Fear” project. After researching for a location in London with brutalist architecture and an interior that could symbolise the monuments, I managed to get permission to shoot at the Tate Modern. Their new building, Switch House, was harsh and heavy and constructed of grey concrete, which perfectly matched the style of the monuments involved. This became the first shoot of my project and was a way for me to start to introduce my idea to people and share my ideas with them. The entire concept of the shoot was based on research of historical facts of the battles and the aim was to recreate the imagery of soldiers at various stages of conflict. From the soldiers waiting in line for food to them hiking across hills and mountains and ultimately having their fate decided on the battlefield. The fashion aspect of the shoot was a collaboration with a costume designer who shared a similar inspiration when putting together the collection. Oversized military uniforms were used as a symbol to represent my generation still wearing the memories of the past and reliving history.

Costume designer Jovana Gospavić
Hairstyle Penny Black
Makeup Charlotte Haldane
Models Joško Spasojevic, Emma Fisher, Bojana Šarac, Rhian Lewis, Ruben Hart, Shun Yin, Arthur Parker, Rudi Mikhail Zygadlo
At Tate Modern