Four Stages of Fear

Is it possible to be an artist with no boundaries or are our weaknesses exactly what inspire us? These weaknesses that people force upon themselves are easily turned into fears. When the moment comes in facing fear, traditional literature quotes that there are two mechanisms of coping with it- fight or flight. This implies that there are two opposite ways in which people react to fear. Some are prone to running away from what they feel as unpleasant, others choose to face their fears. No model of behaviour can be singled out as the better but the combination of these two ways, depending on the situation, is what produces a healthy defence mechanism- in physical and psychological terms.The question is what happens when we are forced to actually face the same fear when we have no other choice when avoidance is not an option (in this research avoidance was not a viable option because then it would not be successful).

Styling Stefan Golubovic
Dresses Davor Mitić, Sandra Lalović
Models Jovana Petrović, Dina Igić, Kristina Zlatković
Jovana Mladenović Photography

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