The Star

This chapter is called “The Star” where I have included a ballerina to pose beside monuments, presenting a dancing Communist star, dressed all in red. Symbolising the political ideology but also representing the blood of all the victims. The lady was a member of the national theatre and part of an ensemble who accompanied me for 3 days on the road, visiting 6 sites situated in the north of Serbia. Her eyes are specifically covered in the images, as I didn’t want to show her facial expressions and make her emotions a focal point. I see her as a symbol representing the glory and power of Yugoslavia at that time.Here I again incorporate elements of fashion into the project and collaborated with 5 different designers, choosing one outfit from each of them. This was also a way for me to put the designers in the spotlight and to showcase their talents to the world as I admire the work they are doing. Using fashion as bait, I aimed to grab the attention of a larger audience by being able to combine fashion with history and informing people of more than one subject. I feel very grateful being able to carry out my master project on a subject that is so personal and close to my home. Coming from a country that the majority of people in the world know very little about gives me the inspiration to want to show off the talent in Serbia and to inform people about where I come from. Engaging people through art is one of the best ways I can achieve this.

Ballerina Milena Ogrizovic
Stylist Dajana Vasic
Designers Jovana Markovic
Aleksandra Lalic, Dajana Vasic, Mates, Ana Trosic Trajkovic
World War II monuments are in Cacalica, Kosmaj, Pancevo, Jajnci, Sefkerin, Avala